English Summary

Long-distance Ph.D. training from a high-ranking Dutch university!

The Dutch Ph.D. Chamber is a private graduate school in the Netherlands. The Chamber trains prospective students for acquiring a Ph.D. degree from a high-ranking Dutch university. The training is predominantly long distance, and so candidates avoid spending costly years abroad. The Chamber trains Ph.D. candidates in conjunction with the universities of Amsterdam, Nijmegen, and Rotterdam. Since its foundation in 2005, the Chamber finalized Ph.D. programs in the disciplines of law, economics, sociology, public administration, management, media studies, anthropology, political science, and history. Currently, the Chamber has 22 professors from these disciplines among its supervisors.

The executive director and founder of the graduate school is Prof. Dr. Ruben Gowricharn, a trained economist and sociologist and a professor of social cohesion and transnational issues at the Tilburg University, the Netherlands. Professor Gowricharn has also ample experience with developing societies.

Candidates are required to have a master’s degree, a good command over English, and access to the Internet.


The Chamber offers three routes of Ph.D. study:

  1. Candidates with an advanced or final-stage manuscript. An individualized, fully tailored study trajectory will be developed for each candidate. Candidates in this category can start their studies at any point in the year. It might be possible that additional training is needed to complete the dissertation. The costs involved and the program duration are individually determined.
  2. Candidates who have started the program, but require supervision. Candidates within this category, too, can start at any point in the year. Here too, it is possible that additional training will be required to complete the dissertation. Again, the costs involved and the program duration are individually determined.
  3. Candidates who need to follow the full Ph.D. trajectory, including training and classes. These components will be held in the locality of the candidates. The duration of the Ph.D. is about five years, based on a weekly minimum of 16 hours of study. The annual, aggregate cost is €6,050, including training and supervision.

For further information, contact Prof. Dr. Ruben Gowricharn at rgow@xs4all.nl. If interested, send him a CV and any other written materials you have available.